Create excitement in life; Indulge in online Shopping

I am a retired person (veteran) and find it extremely difficult to pass my time. I have been indulging in various hobbies like net surfing, photography, golf and meditation; but somehow these activities now have become routine and no longer give me thrill. So I decided to venture into another activity to create excitement in … More Create excitement in life; Indulge in online Shopping

Weekend Pics.

  Remains of a Lost Civilization. Technical Details, Focal Length 5.8mm, Aperture f/3, Shutter speed 1/75 s, ISO 50. Nikon Coolpix S1. Village Lotus Pond, Technical Details, focal Length 50mm, Aperture f/4.5, Shutter speed 1/250 s, Nikon Coolpix S1. Rose Garden. Technical Details, focal Length 10mm, Aperture f/4, shutter Speed 1/210 s, ISO 50, Nikon … More Weekend Pics.

Pics; Nature’s Mood!

Feeling Happy! Tech Details, Focal Length 24.2mm, Aperture f/4.1, Shutter Speed 1/250s, Canon Powershot A630. A Human Tree? Technical Details, Focal Length 8.8mm, Aperture f/3.7, Aperture 1/267, ISO 50, Nikon Coolpix S1. Perfect Companions; Sea, Sky and Palm Trees! Technical Details; Focal Length 8.8mm, Aperture f/10.5, Shutter speed 1/61s, ISO 50, Nikon Coolpix S1. The … More Pics; Nature’s Mood!

Social Resiprocity!

Give and take is the principle of life. When you do something good for someone like paying him/her a compliment or giving gift, you do expect him to reciprocate. If that reciprocation is not forthcoming you feel bad and try to cold shoulder a person next times he meets you. Social reciprocity is a fine … More Social Resiprocity!