Social Resiprocity!

Give and take is the principle of life. When you do something good for someone like paying him/her a compliment or giving gift, you do expect him to reciprocate. If that reciprocation is not forthcoming you feel bad and try to cold shoulder a person next times he meets you. Social reciprocity is a fine art and not many have knack of it. It can make or mar the relations. I shall quote some examples from daily life.

Person A invites you for a dinner party and looks after you very well, He/She gives your kids gifts too, your normal course of action should be.

A. Thank the person for the invitation. Carry a gift like flowers or something to his/her place.

B. While leaving thank him/her for the nice evening. Make sure that you appreciate the food and offer a return invitation.

An example of lack of reciprocity would be to attend the function without carrying any gift, take the person for granted, pass sarcastic remarks on the food preparation, compare the host’s household items with their items being superior, pass comments on the furniture & house and walk away without paying compliments at the end of the function. Thereafter never plan to return the party. This amount to one way affair. Surely such a relationship is bound to fail. I have known cases where many invitees on functions such as marriages and other get togethers start comparing the gifts given to them by their hosts with other guests and have the audacity  to pass curt remarks. Such incidents are not only indecent and devoid of grace but result in conflicts in the family.

Even on social media front, reciprocity is a must. Some people would never read or like your posts, where as they expect their every friend to read and like their posts and pictures. These people take others for granted and forget the principle of reciprocity. Some guys have a superiority complex and expect others to praise them always, they forget that returning of compliments is equally important.

Good old idiom, ” I scratch your back and you scratch mine. ” is equally valid in the present era .




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