One Day Insurance & Discipline.

One Day Insurance;

Whatever type of health insurance one may have, the most importance additional step to keep oneself in good health is to adopt what I call is “One Day Insurance’. It has no premium to be paid but has to be renewed daily in the morning. I assure you barring accidents which may happen at any time and to anyone, you would never fall sick. Let me explain myself.

One day insurance involves getting up early in the morning followed by a good bath and prayer. Thereafter indulge in physical exercises as liked by you which could be walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming, cycling, yoga etc for a duration of 30 minutes to one hour. Prayers are a must because it gives you peace of mind and instills confidence in oneself. At the end of prayer and physical exercises keep about 5-10 minutes period for deep introspection and remove all the clutter from your mind. Take deep breaths and concentrate on thoughts of self improvement. Drink plenty of fresh water and you are good to go for the day.

One day insurance regime must be finished before taking your breakfast and going for your daily jobs. Your health insurance is basically to cover you for emergencies and accidents but “One Day Insurance” is for disease free, healthy and peaceful living. One day insurance has to be renewed every day of the year non- stop and there cannot be any break whatsoever.

Remember a healthy body always has a healthy mind.

Good Discipline is like a foundation of any organization and hallmark of success of any person. Discipline implies control/regulation of one’s physical and mental facilities and remaining within the confines of laid down standards. It implies commitment, following time lines, conditioning of the mind and soul, following society’s norms and giving respect.
Even nature has perfect discipline. Every planetary body orbits about the other specified planetary body in a fixed time period and in a fixed orbit. Just think of the chaos if they were to deviate even for a few minutes and few degrees and the entire system would collapse.
Even the underworld had perfect discipline in their dealings. Honoring verbal promises, meeting time lines and showing respect to their organizational leaders were their cardinal principals. One may like to see the movie ‘God Father’ to understand this.
For Army discipline is the major factor which guarantees success. Following of laid down drills, punctuality, meticulous obeying of orders and total commitment to a cause ensures victory in a battle.
For the corporate world, discipline in every aspect of their functioning is utmost essential like meticulous planning, strict execution and meeting the laid down targets; else the organizations would fail.
For Society, discipline encompasses following social norms, drawing a line between right and wrong, probity, propriety, avoiding harsh language, respect to seniors and juniors, empathy, punctuality, financial prudence, transparency, dedication, balanced life style and regulations of wild habits to remain in accepted societal orbit.

There has to be discipline even in entertainment. Late night parties, excessive drinking and irregular eating habits not only burn a hole in your pocket but also affect your health.

In short, whatever walk of life you may belong to, there is no success without discipline.



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