Create excitement in life; Indulge in online Shopping

I am a retired person (veteran) and find it extremely difficult to pass my time. I have been indulging in various hobbies like net surfing, photography, golf and meditation; but somehow these activities now have become routine and no longer give me thrill. So I decided to venture into another activity to create excitement in life and that was on line shopping. It all started with an advertisement regarding flash  sale of a high tech smart phone through e-commerce portal. I found the entire exercise very entertaining and kept me occupied for the next four weeks. I would like to share my experiences.

Once I saw the advertisement of the sale in a newspaper, I got down to the comparison of the features of this 4G cellular handset with other contemporaries surfing the net. I spent two days carrying out detailed analysis whether to buy this handset or not based on the reviews available and the pros & cons. Thereafter I was required to register for the flash sales on the e portal site and wait for the day of the flash sales. After a wait of one week the day of the flash sale arrived and I kept my laptop activated with the net connection well before the time of the flash sale. What a thrill this wait was? Anyway the appointed time for the flash sale came and before I could realize it was over less than one minute with item eluding my cart. I was thus disappointed. I could not buy this item from the market as there was no sale on the stores. I came to know that e portal had sold 85000 handsets in less than a minute in their flash sales. I had to wait for the next flash sales.

I kept on reading the newspapers regarding the next flash sales for this product and found that there was registration for another competing brand product’s flash sale the next day. I then carried out the detailed analysis of that handset and registered myself. Next day, the flash sales took place and this time the item got sold off in 45 sec with no luck. I had got disillusioned with the flash sales and decided to give up. However in next day’s newspaper, I found that the first handset was available on open sale for two hours on a particular day. My hopes were revived and I anxiously waited for the open sale day. That day arrived and this time I was able to cart the product and do the successful check out. I was feeling as if I had won a lottery. This item was to arrive by a courier after being shipped by the company. So I now started checking up the e-portal regarding the progress of the dispatch of the item. I finally got the tracking number and from here on I would check the tracking status of the mobile handset at least twice a day. The item did not arrive for about a week and in the mean time there was a strike called by the Jats community in Haryana (India) for reservation in jobs. These guys had blocked various roads. Though I stay in the neighboring state, I watched the news with a great interest specifically for the details of the roads which had been blocked, since this would affect the courier delivery. (My worries for the national problem and it’s effect on the common man were much less than about the movement of own product by courier ). The courier further got delayed by five days and I am sure the reason must be the blockage of roads as the courier companies often use surface transport in India. After about a week the strike was finally over and the blockage of the roads opened. I now made inquiries from the courier company and also looked up regularly their website. I had to wait for two days before the tracking status of the courier status showed, ” Out for Delivery”. I would not leave my house even for the daily household shopping lest the courier boy returns seeing my door locked. (In India, the couriers have to be personally delivered to the person and can be taken back if no one is at home). I was anxiously waiting for my door bell to ring and whenever it rang I expected the courier boy at the door but it turned out to be someone else. It was quite an excitement. Anyway the courier finally arrived and I had a nicely wrapped package in which the mobile handset was enclosed.

The entire exercise from the time I read the advertisement to the time the product package actually arrived took more than three weeks and all this time each day was filled with imagination, hope and excitement. I opened the package and took out the mobile handset. now the exercise shifted to getting familiarized and making  it function like inserting sim into it, charging the battery and downloading the apps. For the last one week, I have been playing with this toy checking various aspects like multi-media, camera, software upgrades and reading more review of the product on the net to assure myself that I may  not have been duped.

The fever of this new mobile is now veering off gradually and I am coming to be my normal self. I had a great thrill of life for the last four weeks. Search is now on for some other product on the e-portal to give me excitement once again.



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