Let us Laugh!

Some Interesting Laws. Law of Over-insurance. If you check and recheck an equipment for serviceability before an event, it would invariably fail during the event. Indian law of Hospitality. You will always get guests, when your groceries are run out and purse is empty. Lorenz’s law of Mechanical Repair. After your hands become coated with … More Let us Laugh!

Some interesting Photos from my collection.

Sculpture’s Imagination. A Family with a dog, (Shanti Niketan, West Bengal, India). Focal Length 16mm, Aperture f/5.4, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 50, Nikon Coolpix S1. Mandu fort (Madhya Pradesh, India). Focal Length 12mm, Aperture f/4.4, Shutter speed 1/350, ISO 50, Nikon Coolpix S1. Mandu Palace  (M.P, India)  Bed Rooms and bathing Pool. Glimpses of Grandeur! … More Some interesting Photos from my collection.

Chhatbir Zoo, Chandigarh, Pics.

Some snaps taken at the Chhattbir Zoo (Chandigarh, India) , Camera Nikon D3200, in Aperture Mode. Enjoy. Happy ducks, out for picnic! An Indian Gharyal (Type of crocodile) enjoying the Sun. A Crocodile lazing around. Happy Cranes!   Enjoying Friendship. (Indian Peacock). The Family relaxes (Leopards) Have a Good Day. Guchi.