March 2016

Positive Thought Series

Some Thoughts to make your Life Sublime.

By on March 30, 2016


A High Dividend Paying Bank.

” Universe is a Bank which multiplies your acts of goodwill and kindness at an interest rate far higher than any conventional bank. However it…


Let us Laugh!

By on March 26, 2016

Some Interesting Laws.

Law of Over-insurance. If you check and recheck an equipment for serviceability before an event, it would invariably fail during the event.
Indian law of Hospitality….

Photography Uncategorized

Some interesting Photos from my collection.

By on March 25, 2016

Sculpture’s Imagination. A Family with a dog, (Shanti Niketan, West Bengal, India).

Focal Length 16mm, Aperture f/5.4, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 50, Nikon Coolpix S1.

Mandu fort (Madhya Pradesh, India).

Focal Length…


Pics, Taken during Golf round!

By on March 21, 2016

Mind the trajectory of the Golf ball ( Be careful of golf ball hit…… instead of bird hit)!

A Punjab (India) Agriculture Farm.

Spring time, new Leaves sprouting up!

All snaps by…


Pics; Various shades of Sunset!

By on March 19, 2016

Sunset on the Sea!

Sunset on the Beach!

Sunset over a Town!

Have a Good Weekend!