Small things matter in Nation Building

Improve Your Life

I have often read posts of many people who criticize and condemn policies of the government. Such skeptics do not offer any solutions but merely recount problems. I feel that I as an individual can do various small things which can ultimately lead to a better society and nation. After all charity begins at home. Small things matter very much in Nation building. I as an Indian can definitely do the following where I do not have to ask any one or take great effort.

A. I can pay my taxes truthfully and in time. Submit Income Tax return as soon as it is due. (In India only 3% of the population submit IT returns, I am sure that many more are eligible).

B. I can keep my surroundings clean, this would help ward off epidemics such as Dengu and swine flu.

C. I can save much expenditure by not burning…

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