Free and Expensive things !

” Best things in life are free, Things which ruin you are very costly!
Surprised, Let me explain.
” Best Things”
1. Walking and Yoga, keep you physically fit and cheerful, does not cost anything.

2. Smile and laughter, Remedy for many ailments, You can do it as many times as you wish free of cost.
3. Contentment. Cannot be bought.

4. Humility, Courtesy and Politeness, costs nothing, in fact enhances your image in the Society.
5. Love and empathy for others. Good will of the society and blessings of elders.
6. Meditation. You can do it alone or visit a religious place.

7.  Listening to an aggrieved person and sympathizing with him.
8. Guru Ka Langer. (Free community kitchen).
9.  Being Faithful, does not cost anything.
10. Appreciating  nature, breathing fresh air, gazing at moon and stars, bird watching, enjoying the beauty and fragrance of flowers and smile of a child. All free.

“Worst Things”
1. Showing off, you require expensive clothes, jewelry  and other items.
2. Intoxication , Smoking and Drugs, very costly and damage your body and soul.
3. Expensive cars and houses; there is no end to it. Always leads to discontentment.
4. Fire Arms. Costly and dangerous.
5. Girl friends/boy friends, Women/Men other than your spouse. Very costly and disastrous. .
6. Wealth, acquiring it more than your requirement is highly dissatisfying
Leading to mental agony and physical disease.
7. Unwarranted competition with others. Expensive and harmful.

8. Living beyond your means and indulging in heavy debts.
What would you choose? Have a Nice Weekend.



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