Only a Few read my blogs!

I have been writing blogs on interesting subjects like  Positive thoughts, Management, Humor and at times on photography, my aim being to spread  motivational thoughts on life conduct. I shall be candid in admitting that the response has been lukewarm at the best. I do have dedicated followers like some of my close relatives and friends but these also miss out on viewing my articles at times, there are others who press ‘Like’ on the blog posts without even taking the trouble to read these. I try to share my blogs on Facebook, Twitter and so on but again the situation has not improved much, so I introspect to find out reasons for a poor viewership. Some of the reasons which I could fathom are;

a. May be my relatives and Facebook friends are too busy to read my articles or they are simply jealous.

b. May be the articles are simply boring and devoid of any substance, or may be the contents do not have juicy stuff like sexually descriptive anecdotes and jokes.

c. May be there is too much of Moral Lecturing (ML) which is not liked by many. But then I have been also writing humorous pieces albeit with a lesson  and at least these should catch some viewership.

d. May be I have not taken professional help in managing my blog site to include ‘Search Engine Optimization’. I write my posts on a  free site, as I would not like to venture into another costly hobby till I test my writing abilities.

e. May be my word of mouth advertisement of the blog site to my close friends and relatives is not enough and something more than that is required to be done to boost the viewership.

I therefore carried out an analysis of high viewership cases available on Facebook and other blog sites and came to the following tricks being used by the authors to attract good viewership almost being viral.

a. Most of the page writers profiles were apparently that of Females/Ladies who had created pages linked to their profile. The profile photo was invariably very pretty nearing to be a seductress and in most cases showing  vital assets. I feel most of these profiles must be fake, it may well be possible that a person may be pretending to be a good looking young woman with fake profile photograph, the aim being to draw maximum viewership and likes.

b. The standard of the posts being shared was of very low quality with more of photographs than any description. These were something like following.

1. Showing gory pictures of a sick child with tubes attached to his/her parts of the body and undergoing medical treatment; author asking all to write “Amen’ for the child , at times threatening that if that was not done , bad luck would come to the viewer within 24 hours.

2. Showing photographs of an accident site and injured victims. Such photographs are generally very repulsive and the viewers are again coerced to write “Amen”.

3. Showing photographs of dead soldiers killed in an operation and asking for liking the post.

4. Showing photographs of religious places and forcing people to write laudatory comments.

5 Showing   provocative female photograph scantily clad and asking the viewers to share it among their friends and also to like the page. I noticed that such posts get shared by thousands of members and draw maximum likes.

6. Showing opaque (not properly visible photographs) and requesting to write some number in the comment and pressing ‘like’ which would create some magic. In fact nothing happens but still thousands of viewers try it.

The irony is that many genuine viewers help in sharing these phony posts and thus help the invisible author to gain a viral viewership and likes, where as genuine and decent posts hardly attract any viewership. May be these are the tricks to enhance the circulation which might be monetized by such clever authors.

So I have decided that I would continue writing my blog posts on Positive thoughts and Good topics even if a very few people read it. You never know it may help someone, some where, some day and that would be my reward.






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  1. When I started out, my readership was pretty low until I started reaching out to other bloggers and talking to ones with similar interests. The reader is an amazing place to find people. Just go there, type in a subject that you are interested and start finding other bloggers that have posts you like and comment/post/subscribe to them and soon you will start finding people that like your stuff as well.

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    1. guchigen2 says:

      Thank you, I shall follow it.

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