Staying Pure in the Impure Surroundings!

We live in a world full of vices like corruption, dishonesty, injustice and selfishness.  Everyone wants to achieve his aim by any kind of means. Ethics are forgotten and end justifies the means. Yet there are some persons in this world who stand out and remain untouched by the impurities of their surroundings. There are good Samaritans who selflessly serve the society and community. Such people are not only honest but incorruptible. All the dirt around their environment does not affect them. There is need to follow their example and learn from such masters the art of life. Yet most of us try and follow the wrong persons and associate with them for whatever temporary gains that we see. Most of us are indeed ignorant who do not differentiate Gold from the dust.

I came across a very meaningful verse while going through the Sikh scriptures which talk about staying pure in the impure surroundings. Guru Nanak , the first Guru of Sikhs, saint and a great Indian social reformist has summed up these sentiments beautifully in the following verse. ( The translation of which as under):

“In the clear and pure water of a pond, both Lotus and weeds are found,

The Lotus flower co-exists with the weeds and scum of the water,

Honey laden Lotus remains unpolluted by the filthy slime of the pond.

A Frog which stays in the water would never realize,

That it is so close to the nectar laced Lotus.

O Frog, you eat the scum and weeds present in the water,

And take no advantage of the Lotus.

A bumble bee, which does not dwell there,

Yet  it goes there to suck honey from the Lotus.” (Page 990, Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)).

Above implies that most of us behave like a Frog and go after the polluted things in life and do not appreciate the noble aspects of life conduct. It is only a few learned persons like the bee who actually understand the importance of good conduct and associate themselves with the pure things in life. One should also follow the example of a Lotus flower which retains its purity even dwelling among the dirty environments; thus there is need to stay pure in the impurities of the world.



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