Shiv (Bhola Nath) Sadhus & Dental Clinic!

Today, I happened to take my wife for her dental treatment to my favorite Dentist’s clinic (Odontos at Zirakpur, near Chandigarh India run by Mr Aman Singh, an efficient dentist). She was attended to and was on the dental chair, when three young Sadhus (saints) in a funny looking attire entered the clinic. These guys had not come for any dental treatment but for begging alms. They had a white robe (Kurta, Pyjama) a fancy headgear with Peacock feathers tied atop. They were holding decorative bells in their hand and by jingling their bells they asked for donation. Since the dentist was busy, I decided to talk to them and offered them some donation provided they let me take their picture. They readily agreed, so I took them outside the dentist’s shop. I came to know that these are followers of Lord Shiva, also known as Baba Bhola Nath. I tried to take their photograph with my smartphone Iphone 5s, which somehow won’t click the photo. One of the saints told me that may be the memory of my phone is full so I need to delete a few photographs to take their picture. I was impressed with his technical knowledge. Now a days even Sadhus use mobile phones and are quite good at it. Anyway the problem was something else and I had to borrow Dr Aman’s Iphone 6 to take their photograph; later this photo was sent to me on Whats App and I am enclosing the same.IMG_0130

I think these guys look cute!





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Very well written sir
    I never knew that General Aulakh sir is a blogger as well.
    Great work sir. Proud of you and honoured to have you on board ODONTOS.


    1. guchigen2 says:

      Thank you Aman for the kind words. This is just a hobby to keep me engaged.


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