Newton’s Law of Motion and Me!

Newton’s Law of Motion and Me!

According to Newton’s First law of Motion….

An object at rest will continue to be at rest unless acted upon by an external force. An object in motion continues to be in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by the external force.

What does this mean to a lay man? It implies that there is a natural tendency of objects to keep on doing what they are doing and they resist any change, unless the change is being done by an external force or circumstances.

How does it apply it to me? Well it applies to me in my day to day life pretty much. I am a retired person and thus been following a fixed simple daily routine. It involves getting up early in the morning say around 5.30 AM, taking morning bath, saying my prayers and then accompanied by my wife go for a morning walk. On return from the walk read the news paper, have breakfast, have a look at my face  book page, browse the net, get ready and then go for daily errands like routine grocery and vegetable shopping, bank jobs etc and return home by lunch time. After lunch have my afternoon siesta, watch TV and in the evening take a walk in my garden, talk to my neighbor and fix up with him for a drink either at my place or his. Thereafter take dinner, watch TV and go to sleep by 10 PM. Everything moves in a fixed orbit and nothing gets disturbed as there is no external force. I have organized my personal stuff in my house in such a way that I am able to find items in the place that I keep them and without much fuss, be it  bathroom , study or bedroom. So I perfectly follow Newton’s first law of motion or Inertia.

Perfectly fine, but then what is the point of writing this episode, if all goes smooth. Hang on, I have yet not spoken about some of the ‘External Forces’ which upset my routine. There are a couple of them as you would read in the following paragraphs.

  1. One of the biggest External Force is my wife. She suddenly declares that she is suffering from a particular ailment like ‘Loud music’ in her ears or head and she must see the ENT specialist. I get busy in researching about such a disease on the net and find that it is nothing but ‘Tinitus’ of the ear, a continuous sound which occurs due to old age but is quite harmless and one has to get used to it. Still I am forced to visit the specialist for check up and the diagnosis  comes out to be same. One fine day she declares that she is seeing round and worm like objects from her eyes. I again research and find out that these are called ‘Floaters’ and again are harmless. None the less we visit the eye specialist and a couple of tests are done and some eye drops prescribed. The other day she declared that she had a great pain in her leg and could not walk. Even the pain killers won’t stop it. So my routine goes for a six and I take her to the orthopedics . Some X-rays and tests are done and vitamins and calcium tablets are prescribed for strength of the bones. She had earlier gone through a Total Knee Replacement surgery which was quite successful. After eating the medicines for a week she feels fine.  Couple of visits to her dentist (she has genuine dental problems) has also disturbed my peaceful routine for nearly a month. So you see how my fixed routine is disturbed by an important external force (which I cannot avoid).
  2. Other notable external force is ‘Guests’. I suddenly get a call from a particular guest that she is reaching me in the next half an hour and is travelling by a public transport. I am expected to pick her up from a bus stop about 20 Kms away. This happens at odd times when I am about to leave for my routine activity. My state of inertia goes for a toss and I set out to the described bus stop only to find that my guest is not there as she had alighted somewhere else. So an expedition starts to trace the guest and finally I succeed. Next few days are again eclipsed by that external force when her daughter makes my well organized house Topsy- Turvy and at times I cannot even find my tooth brush in the bathroom. My ipad and laptop are frequently used by her daughter and soon their battery goes dead. The days my guests are at my place I have to forget about my routine and take them for sightseeing and for other chores. Only when these guys go away that I find peace and revert to my daily routine.

Mr Newton was perfectly right when he postulated the above law of motion. It not only applies to objects but also to the living persons as well!




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