Radio Telephony Procedure, Humor in Uniform!

Roger Out.

In the Radio telephony (Wireless) procedure being followed in the Military, the term ‘Roger’ implies that a message has been received correctly and will be complied with. The following conversation took place between a Company Commander (CC)  a Major and his company second-in -command (2IC) a Captain.

CC to 2IC. ” You have to take out the patrol to area Tree at 2200 hrs, is it understood over.”

2IC to CC. “Roger over”.

CC to 2IC. “Do I understand that you have understood the message fully over.”

2IC to CC. “Roger over.”

CC to 2IC  (Making certain once again). ” Hope my instructions are clear over. ”

2IC to CC. “Roger over.”

Listening to the stereo type response of his company 2IC the CC once again asked the Captain about clarity of his orders.

CC to 2IC. “I am asking you if you have fully understood my instructions over.”

2IC by now had been irritated with the Company Commander and forcefully replied on the radio set.

2IC to CC. ” Sir, I have already Rogered you thrice, what more do you want, out” (…….Rogering a person is also a slang for screwing him).

Admiral and the Washerwoman.

A naval Admiral asked his ADC to send a message from the ship to get the washerwoman when he reaches the shore so that his clothes could be given for washing. In a Radio Telephony message some mistake was made and the message which reached the shore read as.

“Send Admiral’s Woman” (the word Washer got missed out).

The shore Signal Center in-charge was perplexed and asked for clarification.

“Message not understood, please clarify which Woman.”

The ship’s message center realizing that the world Washer had been missed out sent the correction as per the Radio Telephony procedure, as under.

“Please refer our last message, Insert Washer between  the   Admiral and the Woman.”



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