सुरखाब के पर (Feathers of a golden Pheasant)


सुरखाब के पर (Surkhab Ke Par).

We often hear  and use some idioms without understanding their meaning properly. The above Indian (Hindi) idiom falls in that category. The idiom “Does he/she have feathers of Surkhab?” often refers to a person who has lot of airs about him/her or has attitude. Believe you me, I had also heard and used this phrase without knowing as to what exactly is Surkhab till recently ( I am 65 years of age) at which point the curiosity got the better of me and I started searching for the bird Surkhab. My search on the net revealed that Surkhab is a colorful and beautiful  bird found in Asia (mainly China), Europe and United States , their scientific name being (Chrysolophus pictus) and belong to the fowl family. In India this bird is known as Surkhab (I admit that I have not seen the bird except on the net and may be in a zoo which I do not remember). In fact very few people have actually seen this bird.These birds are very shy and can sense danger or natural disasters. Since they have very colorful and beautiful feathers, a  person with exceptional style, sophistication or with a very delicate disposition is sarcastically referred to as ‘Having feathers of Surkhab’ (उसके कोनसे सुरखाब के पर लगे हुए हैं ) ? I do not know as to how this phrase or idiom came into existence but it is usually quite often used in India. On a  very close approximation of such description I did coin my own term and refer to such persons as ‘Having a Golden Ass’ implying that specified guys having tremendous attitude, exhibiting style and mannerism very different from ordinary persons.

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  1. Rekha Khetawat says:

    Where to get the surkhab bird feather


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