Some thoughts to make your life meaningful!




  1. Seek happiness from within, be your own companion.
  2. Take care of the small things and the bigger things will automatically fall into place.
  3. Let us be simple, straight forward and direct, there is no point wearing a mask and trying to project oneself what one is not. Remember each person is a unique creation of the Lord and it is better to remain that way rather than gold plating oneself.
  4. Anybody could be wise in hindsight, only the logical and farsighted people can guess the shape of  things.
  5. It is very difficult, well neigh impossible to please everyone and requires a tremendous effort; however irritating someone is the easiest thing to do and requires very little expertise.
  6. Sincerity, perseverance, simplicity, diligence, good will towards others and a definite aim make a person succeed in life; this has been true since times immemorial, true now and would be true for all times to come.
  7. Count your blessings and not challenges, someday these challenges will also turn into blessings.
  8. Prefer to be silent, as you never know which words may offend others, not withstanding your good intentions.
  9. Discretion is a very powerful tool and if used sensibly can bring good rewards and if used with immaturity can create disaster
  10. Joy lies in small things like watering your plants, playing with your pet, listening to a joke and laughing it out.



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