Some Interesting Indian Matrimonial Advertisements!

Excerpts from some of the actual matrimonial advertisements. Conditional Matrimony. A beautiful and educated bride from India wanted for a Canadian citizen Jat Sikh (Punjabi-Indian)  27 years of age, 5ft 9in , well educated and employed boy, the condition being that the brides’s family must have another unmarried girl relative in Canada or USA as … More Some Interesting Indian Matrimonial Advertisements!

A Noble Life!

I usually do not write about people who complete their life journey unless it has impacted me deeply. Births and deaths are natural phenomenon and it is common to rejoice at someone’s birth and feel sad when someone expires. However there are special cases where a life journey is so special and unique that words … More A Noble Life!

Ashrams (आश्रम) :Stages of Life, Then and Now!

Ashrams in Hindu (Indian) philosophy are four stages of life and this thought was prevalent in the ancient as well as medieval times, though it still has acceptability with the orthodox families. These stages are known as Brahamcharya (ब्रहाम्चार्य), Grihastha (गृहस्थ ), Vanprastha (वन्प्रस्था) and Sanyasa (संन्यास). Each stage of life was approximately of 25 … More Ashrams (आश्रम) :Stages of Life, Then and Now!