Selfie Addiction , Accidents and Psyche!

A large number of accidents are taking place all over the world due to selfie taking and many of these accidents result in deaths. As per the report of Washington post, India has led the world in selfie-related deaths in 2015. About 27 persons died in India in 2015 while taking selfies and this accounts for more than half the deaths due to Selfie takers across the world.

An engineering student in Tamil Nadu died while taking selfie from a rock and fell into a ravine. Some students got drowned in Narmada canal in Gujarat, India while taking selfie. There have been cases of persons dying at sea while taking selfie. Three students were run over by a train while taking selfie in front of it and just could not get away in time. Such cases are numerous all over the globe. Selfie taking has become a fashion rather a craze or addiction which has affected people of various age group, young as well as old alike. People take selfie in all sort of circumstances as well as with all sort of people, places, means of transportation etc. Some of the selfies are rather funny as it brings out weirdness in its creator. Selfie are taken with and at;

a. With  famous politicians, actors, celebrities etc.

b. With speeding trains, boats , at sea, in aeroplanes etc.

c. On high rise telecommunication towers, multistory rooftops, mountain peeks, cliffs, rivers, lakes etc.

d. At home, in kitchen, sometimes in bathroom, bedrooms and even some people are crazy enough to do selfie while shitting. I even came across  selfie of a person defecating or urinating in the open.

e. . People take selfies at all sort of unimaginative places like ploughing their fields, playing with their pets, while catching fish, hunting, coloring their hair, at the beauty parlor, while driving, on the treadmill in a gym etc. Some even venture out to take their selfie while making love. In fact there is not a place or event where you do not find people taking selfie.

Now the rationale behind taking selfies, I feel that every person on this earth wants to seek recognition and attention. All are not endowed with special skills and there are always mediocre people who do not get enough recognition by the society; thus these guys wish to do something which would attract the attention of other people towards them. I feel it is this factor that drives them to indulge in taking selfies. The digital world provided us a very good opportunity and platform to showcase our achievements to the society and the world and thus taking selfies and posting them on the social media becomes the order of the day. Some guys who are not otherwise achievers try and do difficult or impossible things like taking selfies at most dangerous places just to seek recognition and attention and thus fall prey to accidents and even loose their life. For some persons doing unusual and funny things gives them thrill and lift them in their own eyes (self esteem) thus they go to any length to achieve the results, by  posting funny, intimate and bizarre selfies on the net. In all  cases the name of the game is search for identity, recognition, acceptance and enhancement of their  self esteem.







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  1. Part of evolution is thinning the herd of the sick (in the head), the weak (in the head), and the lame (in the head)..


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