Some Interesting Indian Matrimonial Advertisements!

wanted bride 3

Excerpts from some of the actual matrimonial advertisements.

Conditional Matrimony.

A beautiful and educated bride from India wanted for a Canadian citizen Jat Sikh (Punjabi-Indian)  27 years of age, 5ft 9in , well educated and employed boy, the condition being that the brides’s family must have another unmarried girl relative in Canada or USA as a citizen who should marry the bridegroom’s brother (currently staying in Punjab, India and very keen to migrate). Both marriages to take place simultaneously. Other’s need not apply.

No Net Savvy Bride please.

A well educated Gujarati boy from a business family age 30, height 170cm requires a Gujarati beautiful bride with family values. All girls using Face book and WhatsApp not to apply.

Domesticated Bridegroom.

A simple, homely, expert in cooking, washing and cleaning bridegroom required for a well educated, broadminded and employed 30 years old beautiful Indian girl, caste and education qualifications no bar. The bridegroom should be able to look after all the household chores proficiently, be mature and peaceful and  should not bother about the activities of the girl.

Bulk demand of Brides. 

Three brides required for three brothers age 34, 30 and 28. All are educated and employed. Real sisters will be preferred.

Quick response Marriages. (Beware please)

A USA NRI age 40, very rich now in India requires suitable beautiful and educated bride. The marriage to take place in 15 days.

Old but young at heart Bridegroom requires a bride.

A very wealthy  NRI age 65 years but looks like 40 years and full of energy, divorced innocently  three times requires a beautiful and modern bride, age between 30-40 years. Full satisfaction guaranteed in every way.

Bride wanted along with Kids.

A sexually weak boy age 40 years innocently divorced once requires beautiful divorcee or widow, age 30-35 years and having at least one kid.  A perfect companionship and care is granted. May not be able to produce own kids though currently undergoing treatment.

Accomplished Bride wanted.

A beautiful, cultured, well qualified and working girl age 30 required for only boy of his parents, age 35 from a very rich aristocratic family. Girls should be homely, have respect for elders, expert in driving, cooking, singing , dancing and be well versed with Indian values. She should also be capable of being employed and doing outdoor work. Boy being from a royal family has princely habits, very temperamental and not used to hard work and generally remains engrossed in extra-co-curricular activities.

Beauty Lies in the eye of beholder.

I require an understanding life partner as I am an Indian girl of 28 years with no special beauty and black complexion, but I assure you that my heart is white, and I shall ever be grateful to the man who adopts me and shall look after him through thick and thin.








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