World is Your Reflection!

The world is like a mirror, in which you see your own reflection. If you find your reflection to be ugly, do not blame the mirror but yourself. Therefore, if you do not like your reflection in the mirror, try to change yourself and the image would automatically  get corrected.

I have often observed people blaming others for their problems; a typical manifestation of ‘I am OK but you are not OK’ syndrome. They find problems with the behavior of others and blame them for their problems. We expect others to correct themselves as per our template of right conduct and mostly forget that we may also be wrong in our dealings. It is well known that we cannot change the environment but we can always adapt ourselves to it.

I came across a beautiful story today, which I would like to mention to strengthen my argument. There was a room filled with 100 mirrors and it was frequented by two visitors, one was a small girl and the other was an old grumpy man. The small girl would wave at the mirrors and 100 images would wave back at her. Feeling the joy, she would start dancing and there would be 100 more dancers responding to her actions in the room. She would thus feel very elated and love this room. The room with the mirrors thus became a heaven for her and her small pleasures multiplied 100 times. Later during the day this mirror room would be visited by the old man, who was ever complaining of life and others. He would stand in front of a mirror and frown his face in anger and soon 100 angry faces would crop up. Then he would make kicking gesture with his hands/ legs and soon 100 images would start kicking at him. The man would start making faces and his 100 images would make face at him. He would feel as if everyone in the room was his enemy and the mirrored room would appear like hell to him.

Thus we see that the same room appears differently to different persons, for the girl child it was a perfect heaven and for the old man it was nothing short of hell. The world is also like a mirror, we perceive things as per our thinking.

I am reminded of a story from Mahabharata, where Lord Krishna asked Yudhisthira and Duryodhana to make list of good and bad people in the world. After a couple of days when both appeared in front of him their answers were as per their perception as Yudhisthira found no bad person on the earth and Duryodhana found no good person in the world. Thus we see the world through our own prism and make observations as per our perception.

Thus let us not blame the mirror, it is more logical to change oneself and appreciate and love others; it is the easiest way to turn the world into an amazing place to live.






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