Paradise Destroyed, A Poem!

Let us imagine,

That by a stroke of chance, there exists a country which has yet not been discovered.

Let us imagine,

It has no education, no technology and no gods/goddesses are revered.

Its people toil to produce some food,

and live merrily without any dispute.

All are humble and have least concern about their repute.

There are no cars, big houses, electronic gadgets and the bother.

People love and respect their families and have no quarrel with each other.

Such a country can be called as Shangri-la  (Heaven).

Let us now imagine,

That country has now been discovered by someone.

The race to travel and conquer that country has now begun.

First to arrive are the explorer warriors with their religious order.

The country is split into many factions each claiming that his God is better than the other.

Then arrive the educationist and the technologists, who set their shop.

Educate people and convert them into a mechanical lot.

Set up industry and create classes like high & low, owner & labor.

Create a government with politicians, bureaucracy and commoner.

Soon come the cellphones and internet  with social networks like twitter and face book.

And simple folks of the country are now having divergent views and belligerent outlook.

Soon there are conflicts in the factional groups,

based on religious ideologies, class struggle and status of low/high ups.

From struggle within the country the fire spreads outside,

into the neighboring countries, in the sky and the sea side.

The country no longer remains Shangri-la, the heaven.

With internal and external strife it can be now called a Devil’s den.


Alas this country was not discovered at all!

Alas all the countries of the world were not discovered,

and  ravaged by religious orders, technology explosion and myth of superiority wall.






























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