A Morning Walk!

We (me and my wife) are currently at a place called ‘New Rochelle’ in NY, USA where we are staying with our daughter. We go for a walk in the morning and it is such an enjoyment that we get rejuvenated for the rest of the day. I also combine exercise with photography and I make full use of my smart phone. Mind you even smartphone like iphone and others can give you excellent results. We cover a distance of about 2 miles from our apartment to a park hugging the sea shore and travel the same distance back. Let my photos do the talking.

Walking through the neighborhood, market place and the streets onto the ocean front.


Arriving at the Davenport park.


Only a few people frequent the park in the morning, may be one or two; of course seagulls and ducks are always there.


It is such a lovely ambience, sun shining brightly on the ocean water towards the east, a boat or two lurking around and a gentle breeze lifts our spirits. Our day is made.


Majestic houses on the ocean front towards the west, calm waters and a small island in the far, offer a very pleasant sight to the eyes.


Shy seagulls attempt to flee and take off on seeing us passing by.


We walk back to our apartment located in a  high rise building, a nice circular park is just at the ground floor level . The high rise building a little distance away (as seen in the photographs) opposite to our apartment is called “Trump Towers”.



Wishing you all a Good day.




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