Watching movie “Conjuring 2” and My recollections!


Today, I watched a Hollywood movie, “Conjuring 2”. Many of you would have already watched this movie but for those who have not, let me briefly narrate the summary of the plot. It is a story of a family living in  London where a single mother is raising four children alone in a house  haunted by a malicious spirit. One of the children of the family a girl called Janet is repeatedly disturbed by an evil spirit and one kind couple who are paranormal investigators come to the aid of the family. Watching this film, I went back into the memory lane by 55 years and remembered an incident which happened in our family and I being a small child of ten years (then) cannot forget it till today. I am quoting that incident as under.


“When I was studying in the fourth class, my father who was serving in the Indian Army  got his transfer to Amritsar (Punjab, India) and was allotted government married quarters.  My family shifted there, and I took admission in cantonment primary school.  My younger brother was about 6 years old and was also attending primary school. It was the summer of 1961 and my younger brother suddenly fell sick with heavy fever. Despite medical care his condition worsened.  Medical tests ruled out malaria, typhoid and any other cause. My late mother was a very religious lady.  She kept on reciting verses from Japuji Sahib ( Sikh Scripture from Sri Guru Granth Sahib -SGGS, the holy book of Sikhs).  In our neighborhood we had an Army Priest (Panditji) who came to our house and threw a glance at my brother.  He then recited some Mantras at which stage my brother became delirious and started shouting in a heavy voice unlike the voice of a child.  We were all stunned to hear him saying, “You are all sitting over a grave yard and this house is exactly built on top of my grave.  I am Abdul and shall not leave this child till you vacate my place”. We were also shocked listening to my brother talking in this tone since none of us had any experience in supernatural things.  Panditji at this stage recited a few more Mantras and said “Please leave the child.  He has done no wrong to you.  These quarters are built by the government”. To this my brother replied in a gruffly adult voice – “Alright, I shall leave the child, but on one condition.  Every Friday one earthen lamp should be lighted up in the courtyard of the house”.  Panditji promised to do so and my brother let out a loud shriek.  He was now absolutely normal and his burning forehead had become cool.  Till we stayed in that house, one  lamp was lighted up in the courtyard, every Friday.  That spirit never bothered us.  This episode haunts me till date as there is no logical and scientific explanation of such a phenomenon but I did see it with my own eyes.”

May be there is a realm of unknown beyond the physical life which we human beings cannot understand. In fact all the major religions of the world recognize the issues of afterlife, spirits, demons and ghosts. The movie “Conjuring 2” did highlight these activities in a very interesting way and prompted me to go into my own memory lane and unusual experience.



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