Seeking the Self and Prayer!

What should I do?

I do not know from where I have come and what is my destination? What is the purpose of my life and how should I achieve it? Where was I before my birth and where would  I go when I die? Why was I born in a particular parenthood and in a particular country? Who are my siblings and what bond do they have with me? Who are my children and in what way they are associated with me? Why I act and behave the way I do? With what purpose the creator has created me, I am yet to find the answer. These are some of the questions that come to my mind and leave me perplexed. In fact these are the questions which have bothered many people including great saints from time to time. I am reminded of the words of a great poet and  sufi saint Bulle Shah who wonders.

“ ਬੁਲਿਯਾ ਕੀ ਜਾਣਾ ਮੈਂ ਕੌਣ ||” “ Buliya ki jana mein kaun.”  Translated in English, it implies, “ O BulleShah, I do not know who I am.”

Pondering over this question for the last 65 years, I am baffled and thoughtless. Does the life implies to study well, work hard, earn well, raise a family, give them good education and let them do well? Well this would be a very selfish concept of life, where we only wish prosperity and good times for self. Or the meaning of life is to totally get devoted to the society or others and neglect your own clan. Or renounce everything in the world and wait for the salvation day. Well these are the extreme positions. I think hard and even read scriptures but cannot find the satisfactory answers. So I tell myself to forget about all the questions and let me follow some simple steps which  would  give me satisfaction as long as I live. These are;

  1. Let my actions or words not hurt anyone.
  2. Let me not aspire to possess what is not mine.
  3. Let me follow the principle of fair play and justice.
  4. Let me listen and follow my inner voice.
  5. Let me control my anger, greed, lust, attachment, jealousy to whatever extent possible.
  6. Let me discipline and restrict my desires.
  7. Let me not have ill will towards others and let me wish them well.
  8. Let me help others to the extent possible with financial means else at least give my moral support.
  9. Let me motivate my kith and kin as well as others with whom I come in contact to be good human beings.
  10. Finally let me thank the Lord for his benedictions and the fact that I am alive to appreciate his creation.

What is a Prayer.

Today morning, I read a face book post of my eldest daughter  and got motivated to write a few words on “Prayer”. After all what is a Prayer? It is not necessarily reading the scriptures of your respective religion and wishing that your God will grant your personal wishes, well that would be a very selfish attitude. What about those who do not follow any religion? They still believe in nature and in a force which is abstract and indefinable. That infinite abstract power has His manifestation in all, be it living, non living, organic or inorganic. We the humans tend to bind Him in our narrow vision of interpretation which leads to many conflicts in the world as we are experiencing now. Prayer is not when we kneel or fold our hands together to focus on our material things to be rewarded by some unknown supreme power, which different people call by different names. A prayer has many connotations such as;

  1. Thinking positive and good wishes for others is a Prayer.
  2. When you hug a friend, it is a Prayer.
  3. When you cook something to nourish the hungry it is a Prayer.
  4. When we see off your near and dear ones and wish them a safe journey, it is a Prayer.
  5. When you help someone by giving your time or money, it is a Prayer.
  6. When you forgive someone by your heart, it is a Prayer.
  7. Prayer is a vibration, a feeling, and a thought.
  8. Prayer is the voice of love, friendship, and genuine relationship.
  9. Prayer is an expression of your silent self.
  10. Prayer is an acknowledgement of the divine light, the cosmic music and the Universe’s order.

Have a Good Day!






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