Never seek help from a Fool and a Loudmouth!

During my childhood my grandfather used to narrate a very interesting story to me which has a good moral, equally applicable today.

In good old days, when the road communications and transportation systems in India were almost non existent, the people walked from one place to another. This was more prevalent in the villages as roads were very few. Due to safety reasons the  people preferred to move in groups. One  Chaudhary Ram Lal (Chaudharys were high caste farmers )  was to go to his in laws village and he chose to seek the company of his servant Deen Dayal who was a  fool and loud mouth by nature. They left their village in the morning and continued walking to their destination which was about 30 miles away. During the afternoon they took a break near a well and had their lunch. As they were having their lunch under a banyan tree, some bird sitting on a branch pooped which landed  on the shirt of Chaudhary Ram Lal. Ram Lal was in a fix as he was not carrying a spare shirt and he was  due to meet his in laws. Deen Dayal saw this and offered him his shirt which was clean and made of a good cloth. So they exchanged their shirts with Ram Lal wearing clean shirt and Deen Dayal wearing the soiled one.

After their lunch they proceeded towards their destination. As the village of Ram Lal’s relatives  came near they found some elderly people walking towards them. Deen Dayal exchanged greetings with them and introduced Ram Lal, the dialogue went something like this.

“Here is Chaudhary Ram Lal, he is married in your village and is the son in law of Shri Santosh Chand . His father is Chaudhary Kishan Lal  a big farmer. But the shirt that Ram Lal is wearing is actually mine.”

Chaudhary Ram Lal was greatly embarrassed and told Deen Dayal, “Why should you say that shirt is yours. Anyone would naturally presume that if I am wearing this shirt, it has to be mine.” Deen Dayal felt sorry and assured to be careful in future.

As they came into the streets of the village in question, another group of people met them. Deen Dayal again introduced Chaudhary to them. The dialogue went in this manner now.

“Here is Chaudhary Ram Lal, son of Kishan Lal. He is the son in law of Mr Satosh Chand of your village, and the shirt that he is wearing is his only.”

Ram Lal was again red faced and when the strangers had gone off he told Deen Dayal. ” Why must you make mention of the shirt at all during the introduction , you stupid chap.” Deen Dayal promised that he would be very careful next time. As they almost approached their destination house another elderly person met them. Deen Dayal was quick to introduce his master to him.

” Here comes Chaudhary Ram Lal, son of Kishan Lal a great farmer of our village and he is about to enter his father in law, Santosh chand’s house, but we shall not talk about the shirt that he is wearing.”

Moral of the story is one should never seek the help of a fool and a loud mouth as he would continue to embarrass you everywhere by his foolish and indiscrete utterances regarding the help that he extended.






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