India is Developing, A journey on NH1.

I have been travelling on National Highway (NH1) up to Delhi quite frequently and especially so in the past five years. I have also been visiting USA and have traveled on many Freeways/ Highways there. I have observed that in the last five to seven years there has been tremendous development in the roads and infrastructure in India. Today NH1 is almost at par with the Freeways/Highways of USA, except that the driving discipline is still lacking as also adherence to the traffic rules here at home. There are number of good Indian as well as multinational restaurants along both sides of the NH1 highway. Showrooms of expensive cars also exist and there are number of malls. In all there has been a sea change in the last 5-7 years along the highway.

Now a bit about the history of the National Highway 1 (NH1) of India. This highway connects India’s capital Delhi to Atari (Near Amritsar) in Punjab near India Pakistan border. NH1 was historically part of Grand Trunk (GT) road that ran from Bengal to Kabul during pre-partition day and was built on many earlier roads built during various era. NH1 has now been divided into two parts by the National highway Authority of India into NH1 (West of Delhi) and NH2 (East of Delhi).

Let my pictures speak for the developments along this highway.

An entertainment park near Ambala along the NH1.


A glimpse of traffic at a Toll bridge through the car window.


A Mercedes-Benz Showroom near Panipat.


An Audi car’s showroom at Karnal, shows that some people have the capacity to buy these!


A cluster of Indian and Multinational Food stuff.


A majestic Gurdwara along the way.


A traditional Punjabi restaurant called Haveli near Sonipat! Offers excellent food at reasonable rates.


KFC and other food joints.


A famous Dhaba, (Sukhdev & Amrik’s) at Murthal, the owner brothers started it in a tent seven years ago and now it is a huge building.


High capacity electric grids in North India.


You know about 5 star hotels, now see a 5 star Dhaba (Indian roadside eating joint).


A marriage hall cum restaurant near Ambala.


While driving along this highway one gets the feeling that it is like abroad, except when someone honks his horn and over takes your car from the wrong side without any lane discipline only then you realize that you are in India. Hopefully the road and traffic sense would also improve and develop as the other things have developed.













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