Social Grace; Setting Priorities Right!

The term social grace constitutes a set of skills required to interact in society which includes general public as well as one’s family. It includes social responsibilities and responses like etiquette. manners, communications, politeness and maturity.

While most of us are generally conscious of this aspect while dealing with strangers but many of us feel deficient while dealing with our own relatives. Since familiarity breeds contempt, we become aware of their faults and tend to behave accordingly. Also as per the famous idiom, “More you meet, less you greet” we tend to take our family members for granted and at times do not exhibit the required social grace.

When you point out the lack of social interaction to an erring family member his/her usual reply is that he/she does not have time being very busy. Being busy has a very pertinent dictum; it denotes  that someone is not in your priority list.


Agreed that people are very busy considering the present day corporate culture and the work pressure but in the end it all boils down to setting up of right priority sequence.

Ideally the priority sequence should be to be a good human  first and have faith in Almighty, followed by one’s family and thereafter one’s work.


Sadly in the present day materialistic world the above priority sequence has been reversed, we have Work as priority one and most of the time the only priority, the family and God comes thereafter.

Another aspect which adversely affects the Social Grace system is the Ego match, where we have perceived grievances from some of our family members. When asked as to why one member of the family is not talking to a specific member of the clan, the usual answer is that he was offended by the other person at some point of time in the past. The only answer to mend such an attitude is to forget and forgive and walk the extra mile, I am sure the other party would greatly appreciate it and respond accordingly.

Though the present day digital world , mobile connectivity and the social media has made it possible for us to communicate freely, yet I feel that nothing is better than the speech communication and a call to the estranged member would make a world of difference.

So let us shed our ego and walk the half way distance. Let us speak to our near and dear ones more often, visit them sometimes, participate in their moment of joy and grief and above all set our priorities right.



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