A few random thoughts!

Hard Work.

Hard work never goes waste, even if initial results may not be encouraging,

It puts you in a habit of performance, it is an infectious blessing which motivates your near and dear ones to follow suit.

Once you start achieving results, it gives you an extreme satisfaction,

and  motivation to work harder.

When you get used to it, it becomes a stimulus and intoxication for your

Body and soul!


Mantras of  Success

Simplicity, dedication, humility, steadfastness, discipline, loyalty, faith and commitment are key virtues of life which can take even an average person to the pinnacle of success!


Power of the Lord.

A nice thought to start one’s day.

” If I were to study thousands of learned books,

And understand all their import;

If I were to write with an ocean of ink

And with the speed of the wind;

I would still be unable, O God,

To estimate Your value,

Or say how great is Your empire.”

( A quote from Sikh scriptures, Page 15, SGGS)





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