India; Glimpse of Development!

Through this photo blog, I wish to bring out the overall infrastructure development which is going at a good pace in India. Good highways, flyovers, housing building activity, Telecom infrastructure and power grids are coming up slowly and steadily. I stay at a place about 30 Kilometers from a famous city of North India, Chandigarh which was designed by a famous French person Le Corbusier. 30-40 Kilometers from every direction of Chandigarh, huge modern housing complexes have come up in the last 6-7 years. The development however remains adhoc and without proper planning and there are grey areas like sanitation, traffic control, pollution control, lack of facilities for the labor force etc. etc. Nevertheless these issues are being resolved gradually and the path of development is progressing well. On the auspicious festival of Diwali, I do feel pride as things are positively moving in India and wish that such progress continues unabated. We all have to chip in the process by paying our taxes, ensuring cleanliness and environmental improvement by way of planting trees and plants in our residential areas. Let my photographs speak for themselves.

A Town is developing, Highways, Flyovers and Telecommunication towers!


All around Infrastructure and Housing Development, around 40 Kms of Chandigarh.


A Modern Housing Colony at par with International standards!


Another modern Housing complex Tower!


Guarding the entrance of the Housing complex!


Improving the Environments, planting more trees and plants to offset the concrete jungles!


Avenue Plantation adds grace to the Environment!


A majestic Sunset!


Wish all my readers a happy Indian festival of Diwali!






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