A Mosquito spoils my Diwali!


Today I was reminded of a very powerful dialogue and song by Bollywood actor Nana Patekar from a 1996 hindi film ‘Yashwant’ and I suddenly realized that how true it is even now. The dialogue runs like this.

“Ek Machhar aadmi ko hijda bana deta hai.”  The English translation is;

“A Mosquito makes a Human impotent”

After the incident of last two days, I am actually convinced that a Mosquito is a most powerful thing on earth. It can make a human so sick and miserable that one shudders at the site of a mosquito.

Mosquito can offer a wide variety of dishes in its disease menu ranging from Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunia, Zika virus and host of other deadly variations. You can fight a powerful enemy but you cannot see this insignificant small creature who on the sly can bite you and create enough damage. More people in India die of mosquito related disease than at the hand of terrorists and enemy at the border. In capital city of India Delhi there have been over 10000 cases of Mosquito caused sickness so far this year and many deaths have occurred. In the current case, the Mosquito has been responsible for ruining our Diwali festival celebrations. The story runs as under;

Just three days back me, my neighbor Mr Harbhajan and other members of our posh society decided to celebrate Diwali on the evening of 29th Nov (one day prior to Diwali) . We were to hire a caterer,  have good music and also fixed up a central venue at the beautiful lawn of the society where all residents and their families were to meet today evening and celebrate. We even decided on the menu and other details. Mr Harbhajan was nominated as the organizer. Yesterday morning when I went to Harbhajan’s house and rang the bell no one answered. Later I found out that he was hospitalized during the night for Dengue fever. When I returned home after my morning walk, I found my wife shivering  and feeling uneasy. I  found that she was running a high fever and later she started vomiting. My next 24 hours were spent running to Hospital and labs for various blood tests. My wife was diagnosed with Dengue. Dengue is a very painful disease with high fever and other body discomforts like vomiting , stomach ache, body rash etc. In some cases the blood platelets count falls drastically leading to shock and even death, so one has to monitor the blood tests for two weeks. Since both the organizers Harbhajan and self  were  affected  no one else came forward for organizing the Diwali function. We had decked our house with special lighting but since no one was at home my lights were not switched on during the evening and same was the case with my neighbor.

Anyway, after about two days of running around things are settling down and today I am at home and have switched on all the decorative lights. My neighbor’s family has also come back from the hospital and even his lights are on. Tomorrow is the full Diwali and hopefully with partial recovery of my wife and my neighbor ( full recovery would take at least 10 days with lots of precautions) we hope to celebrate Diwali albeit in a subdued way. In the process we have lost an opportunity to have a good party one day prior to Diwali. I have just learnt that mother of another resident in our housing society has just been diagnosed with Dengue.

You see how powerful is the Mosquito, invisible, quiet but deadly. Even repeated fogging and other repellents have not been able to eliminate mosquitoes fully from our area. In any case one cannot rule out the arrival of guest Mosquitoes from nearby dirty areas. It has spoiled our Diwali celebrations.

No wonder a Mosquito can make a Man impotent. Nana Patekar had aptly put it in 1996. It is very much true even now.





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