Some Thoughts to Ponder Over!


Keep the Bridges intact.

” What ever misunderstanding or grievance you may have with the other person, never ever burn your bridges with him/her. Always leave some margin, you never know when you may require to reconnect with that person.”

Good Versus Original.

Sometimes we pen down ideas which are original as well as good, but ironically the ideas which are good are generally not original and the ideas which are original are generally not good.”


It is very difficult to overcome any addiction, requires a firm determination and hard work to do so . But even these would fail for those addicted to Face Book and WhatsApp.” (Lol)


It is not the actual work but unnecessary running around which tires a person.


Self Evaluation.

Always put a good value on yourself, if you rate yourself low, the world will rate you even lower!”


A Highway.

“Life is like a highway, there are some ahead of you and some behind. You overtake some and some overtake you. As you drive on the journey of life there will always be new situations, sharp curves, blind spots and so on; the important thing is to always enjoy the drive.”







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