Life Conduct; As Sikh Scriptures put it!


Sikh scriptures as enshrined in the holy book of Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) show the humanity a beautiful and practical set of code of life conduct. Besides describing the Almighty God and its manifestations, SGGS lists out the qualities and virtues to lead one’s life in a noble way. I would attempt to highlight some of the important behavioral facets.

Life Conduct.

‘Ghal khae kuchh hathon de, Nanak rah pachhane se’ implies;

“Those who earn their livelihood by hard work, fair means and donate part of their earnings for the needy,  indeed see the correct path of life.” (SGGS Page 1245).


‘Khima gahee bar-rat seel santokha, Rog na biyaape na jum dhokha’ implies;

“The true fast is to practice forgiveness and follow contentment and noble conduct,

One neither gets disease, nor has the fear of Death.” (SGGS Page 223).


‘Rukhee Sukhee khaye ke thanda paani pee, Fareeda dekh paraee chopri na tarsaaye jee’

“Eat your simple meal and drink cold water, do not feel self-pity on seeing others eating lavish    meal.”    (SGGS Page 1245).

Truth & Ethical Living.

‘Sacho urhe sab kuch, upar sach Aaachar’ implies;

“Truth is higher than everything, but higher still is the Truthful (Ethical) living.”              (SGGS, Page 62) .

Humility & Sweetness.

In the following example, Guru Nanak the first Sikh Guru gives the example of a beautiful looking tree which is straight and big but is useless; the essence being that do not be deceived by appearance , the good people are humble and sweet  as against arrogant and haughty persons.

‘Simal Rukh saraira at dirgh at much, oye je aye aas kar jae nirassey kit, ful fikey fal bakbakay, kam na aaveh pat, Mitath nivi Nanaka gun changaayeen tat.’ implies;

“Simal tree (silk cotton tree) is straight like an arrow, very tall, stiff and thick, but those birds who come to it in search of food are disappointed. Its fruits are tasteless, the flowers are nauseating and leaves are useless. Sweetness and Humility O Nanak are the hallmark of virtue and goodness.” (SGGS Page 470).

Let us follow these golden principles of life and make our life sublime.













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