Prayer for 2017!

O Lord, Grant each one of us,  your light and benedictions in 2017 so that the world could be a beautiful place to live. Let there be following during 2017.

  1. Let the world be free of hatred, bloodshed and war. Let all live in peace and harmony.
  2. Let all humans treat others equally with respect and justice regardless of the color, caste , creed or religion.
  3. Let us all learn to improve our surroundings and the eco system.
  4. Let each person flourish and be a useful member of the society.
  5. Let the world be free from the menace of drugs.
  6. Let healthcare facilities be available to all, especially to the poorer sections of the society.
  7. Let education be freely available to all.
  8. Let there be compassion, love and contentment in every one’s heart.
  9. Let us have the desire to fight against greed, corruption, intolerance and injustice.
  10. Let us love and respect every aspect of your creation be it Nature, Animals and Plants.

With your grace 2016 has passed off with many bright spots and benedictions, let remaining shadows of gloom be removed in 2017. Reminds me of a famous  excerpt from Sikh prayer.

“Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, Tere Bhane Sarbat da Bhala.”   Implies,

‘O God, With with the grace of your Name/Command everything would be in top gear, and let the entire universal brotherhood flourish. Thus says Nanak.’



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