Some Noble Thoughts!



       1. Sweetness and Humility are the essence of all good qualities.

       2. Honor is not obtained by trying to please others.

       3. One who cleanses his own mind is wise.

       4. The impurity of the mind is greed, and the impurity of the tongue is falsehood.

        5. The impurity of the eyes is to gaze upon the beauty of another man’s wife, and                  his wealth.

        6. Whatever happens, accept it as good. Lay aside your pride.

         7.  All relatives and friends are not always true helpers. Only a few are!

         8.  God is the true father as well as mother, He is the only giver.

          9. Let us form a partnership with virtues and abandon vices.                     

         10. Wherever we go and sit, let us talk  goodness .

(Compiled from here and there and some invented).



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