Life Sublime, Some Thoughts!


sunrisenature1. Keep your life simple and straight, it is always better this way. Let there be small joys, friendly attitude, sense of reciprocity, contentment and gratitude. Let us greet each other with warmth, share our happiness and sorrows, look forward to small events with excitement and wish all well. Let us shed snobbery, hypocrisy, arrogance and ‘I am better than you’ attitude. Then the world would be a beautiful place to live.

2. Help someone every day in some way. It need not be in monetary terms. Listen to a person in distress, comfort him with your positive talk, help him to regain his confidence, give him your honest advice and pray for him. You never know when you may need a similar treatment.”

3. To achieve big things you one has to think big. Most often we tend to underestimate ourselves and give up   even attempting for small things. Thus the foremost thing in life is to bring ourselves to a level where we can think big.

4. It is said that slow and steady wins the race, however one should have the courage to participate in the race.

Have a Good Day,




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