Management Tips!

Behavior Leverage! “In this world, how a person treats you depends basically on the following two factors. ‘ What can you do for him.’ ‘ What can you do to him.’ If you do not belong to either category, do not expect a special treatment.” Philosophy of Work! “Work smarter rather than working hard, as…


“Keep your mind blank for half an hour a day. Look through the window without any thoughts. Imagine as if you are floating in space liberated, unattached, emotionless and one to one with your soul. A simple method to get rejuvenated to take on the world again.” Guchi.  

Pic; A Happy Rose!

Technical Details, Focal Length 38mm, Aperture f/8. Shutter Speed 1/80 sec, ISO 400, Nikon D3200. Guchi.

Theme Pics Flowers!

We are not Roses! Come Smile with us! Who is more Constipated! Two Brothers! Shadow clicking a Pic! Itching for Love! All pics taken with Nikon D3200 in close up mode. Guchi          

Time Management Tips!

  Time Management. Each one of us is gifted with 24 hours in a day. None of us has the capability of stretching it. Thus we need to make best use of this valuable resource. Some thoughts on the subject. 1. Prioritize your activities. 2. Identify time wasting activities and avoid/minimize these. 3. Multiply your…

Pics, A Drive along Punjab (india) plains!

Majestic flow of Sutlez river near Ropar (Punjab, India)! Sutlez coming down from hills to Plains and a Sikh Temple (Gurudwara) on its banks! A typical Punjab Agriculture Farm! All pictures taken by Nikon D3200 in Aperture Priority mode along Chandigarh, Ropar, Jalandhar Highway! Guchi!

Enjoyment, A real meaning!

I often hear some of my friends talking about ‘Enjoying Life’. For most of them the connotation of which is having late night parties, noisy outings, spending on fashionable clothes and showing off. I wonder whether such activities indeed give enjoyment to a person or real enjoyment/happiness lies in having a sober and meaningful life…

Rejoice, the Spring is Here!

 It is the beginning of the Spring season and the flowers start to bloom. Everything in the nature would start looking beautiful. However, a human mind is never at peace as there are worries of family, profession, growing age, health etc. Then there is fear of uncertainty and of unexpected harsh times. How to always…

Evening Colors in the Sky!

Evening Clouds, like fire in the Sky or European continent broken up and floating in the Sky with clear outline of UK. Tech Details, Focal Length 32mm, Aperture f/10, Shutter Speed 1/40 sec, ISO 200, Nikon D3200, Aperture Priority. Evening Ambience. Time for the Lights to be on! Tech Details, Focal Length 40mm, Aperture f/10,…