Time Management Tips!


DSC_1089 (2)

Time Management. Each one of us is gifted with 24 hours in a day. None of us has the capability of stretching it. Thus we need to make best use of this valuable resource. Some thoughts on the subject.
1. Prioritize your activities.
2. Identify time wasting activities and avoid/minimize these.
3. Multiply your time; find faster and efficient means to perform your tasks in the given time.
4. Avoid the habit of procrastination; just do it, whatever you have to do.

5. Form the habit of staying organized, a lot of time is wasted in finding things.
6. Separate ‘wheat from chaff’.
7. Avoid travelling if possible, use technology for virtual presence.
8. Always have a list ready the previous day of “To do Today” activities.
9. Be brief on phone.
10. Find time for your family, rest and recoup.    




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