Your Mind, Your Mirror!


” तोरा मन दर्पण कहलाऐ, भले बुरे सारे कर्मो को देखे और दिखाए”                                                                                (Your Mind is your Mirror, it shows you, the good and bad deeds you commit in true sense)
This line of song from an old Bollywood film Kaazal sums up the guidance mechanism within us created by the God. Each one of us have a Divine light which tells us what is right and what is wrong, it is a different matter that sometimes we choose to ignore it and still carry on with the acts which may not be just and right.

Similar sentiments are echoed in the Sikh scriptures and are recorded in Shri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS)  as quoted,

“The Mind is very powerful; we cannot escape it even by trying.” (SGGS Page 167)

In yet another tale in the Sikh Scripture, a thief after committing theft looks towards all directions just to check if someone had seen him but Guru Nanak asks him whether he can hide it from his own mind? Similarly each one of us while committing a wrong act is fully aware of it but somehow ignores and in fact justifies saying that others are also doing similar acts and does not matter. In fact it matters very much and these acts are accounted for in our Karmic ledger.

If each one of us follows the guidance system of the Divine (our mind) there would be no injustice, corruption, crime, violence and conflicts in the world. Our world would be a beautiful place to live.

O Lord grant me the power to listen to my inner-self!



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