Management Tips!


Behavior Leverage!

“In this world, how a person treats you depends basically on the following two factors.

  1. ‘ What can you do for him.’
  2. ‘ What can you do to him.’

If you do not belong to either category, do not expect a special treatment.”

Philosophy of Work!

“Work smarter rather than working hard, as efficiency is intelligent laziness.”


Think big to achieve big!

“To achieve big things you have to think big. Most often we tend to underestimate ourselves and give up even trying for certain objectives. Thus the foremost thing in life is to bring ourselves to a level where we can think big.”

Art of Motivation!

“Best way to motivate a person is to find out his good traits and appreciate these. Such positive strokes would propel the person to perform even better. Do not ever highlight his weaknesses on his face, besides demoralizing the person, you would have created a potential enemy.”



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