Feel Alive!

Today evening while sipping my small peg of whisky, I am reminded of a beautiful gazal sung by Gulam Ali which reads as under.
” Hangama hai Kyun Barpa, Thodi see Jo pee lee Hai,
Daka to nahi dala , Chori to nahi ki Hai,”
‘ Why there is so much fuss that I have consumed some liquor,
I have neither committed burglary nor theft’
The above is of course quite common, but what he says further touches my heart which reads as under.
” Har zarra chamkata hai Anware Illahi say,
Har sans yeh Kahti hai ki, Hum hein to Khuda bhi Hai.”
‘ Every particle shines with the light of Divine,
Every breath that we take, tells us that if we are alive, only then we can feel the presence of God’
How true is this? We feel and enjoy nature, affection and beauty only when we feel alive. As dead one’s cannot feel anything. Though most of are living, but we are far from being alive and only truly alive persons can feel the divine.



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