May 2017

Photography Positive Thought Series

A Balanced and Learned Person; Perspective from Sikh Scriptures!

By on May 24, 2017

A learned and knowledgeable person is endowed with many qualities and facets of life. He/she is a balanced personality and behaves as per the situation. Sikh scriptures state that…

Photography Positive Thought Series

Humility and Empathy are the virtues of a noble Person!

By on May 23, 2017


Humility and Empathy are the hallmarks of noble men and the grace of their character. I quote excerpts from Gurbani ( Sri Guru Granth Sahib- SGGS ) to illustrate…


Pics, Some Landscapes.

By on May 18, 2017

Colors of Summer!

Symphony by water!

Golden Hue all around!

A Concrete Jungle!

A Sailing Affair!

Above taken by Nikon D3200 and Nikon Coolpix.



Humour Photography Positive Thought Series

On completing 66 years of life!

By on May 11, 2017


It is a fact that I am growing old,

and seen many colors some dull, some bold

I have accomplished many and missed some milestones,

Been loved and despised by many known…