Humility and Empathy are the virtues of a noble Person!




Humility and Empathy are the hallmarks of noble men and the grace of their character. I quote excerpts from Gurbani ( Sri Guru Granth Sahib- SGGS ) to illustrate this point.
‘Sukhi Basse Maskeenia, aap niwar tale,
Bade bade Hankariye Nanak garab gale!’
( Maskeenia lived a happy life after conceding defeat, as haughty and egotist men have bitten the dust).
These lines are from Sukhmani Sahib, a Sikh scripture included in SGGS and is based on an interesting real story which runs as under.
” There resided a poor Brahmin in a village in Northern India, who was suddenly visited by guests and had no money or resource to feed them. There was a wrestling match going on that day in the nearby town and a famous undefeated champion wrestler called Maskeenia had thrown an open challenge for anyone to fight him for a reward. This poor Brahmin who was weak and no match to Maskeenia saw this opportunity to earn some money so that he could treat his guests. Even at this risk of getting hurt he challenged Maskeenia. All the spectators were stunned to see an unequal challenge. Maskeenia realizing that Brahmin must be having some financial problems and dire necessity to take such a risk, intentionally lost the wrestling match. Brahmin got the reward, However Maskeenia’s name has become immortal in Gurbani. Many high and mighty men who were haughty and proud have vanished in the History and no body remembers them. Indeed Humility and Empathy are great Virtues of life.”

Thus, let us imbibe Humility!



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