Gratitude! Perspective as per Sikh Scriptures.


For quite sometimes, I had not written any blog and was debating on the suitable topic. My inspiration came from a messenger post this morning from my FB friend Brig DS Grewal on the subject of “Gratitude” as explained in Sikh scriptures and I started to pen down a few lines on the subject.

Most of us including myself are seldom happy about what we have and crave for more and more. When we reach a particular life’s milestone, we always desire something more, in fact we complain of things that we do not possess. We rarely thank the Lord for our possessions or the benedictions and on the contrary we crib and complain to the God for the things that we do not have. We often exclaim, ” Wish I could have this car, or Why I am not as prosperous as So and So is!”.

On the subject , I am reminded of an old story of a traveller, who did not have enough money to hire a transport to go to a town and perforce had to walk. En route his shoe also got damaged and he started cursing the God for the inadequacies in his life. On the entry of the town, he saw a person who had no legs ( having lost them in accident) and realised his folly. He at least had healthy legs and feet and could walk. He realised and felt grateful to the Lord.

So, let us count our blessings and not shortfalls. Let us not compare our salary, model of car, size of house with those who have bigger assets. Surely those guys would also have their own problems and may not have what you have.

These sentiments are beautifully enunciated in Sikh scriptures ( Sukhmani Sahib, Page 268 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) ), as under.

“Das bastoo lay paachhai paavai ”
‘ A person has ten things but forgets them all’

” Ayk basat kaaran bikhot gavaavai”
‘For the sake of one thing short, he looses his faith and complains’

“Ayk bhee na dayay das bhee Har lay ay”
‘But what if along with one thing that you do not have, all ten that you have are taken away’

“Tao moorhaa kaho kahaa”
‘Then what can the Fool do or say’

“‘Tis Thakur sao naahie chaaraa”
‘Our Lord and Master cannot be moved by Force’

“Tau ko keejai sad namaskaara ”
‘ Be grateful and bow to him for perpetual peace’

Therefore, let us be happy and contented with what we have today; and express gratitude to the Lord!




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  1. Brigadier DS Grewal says:

    Being grateful is to acknowledge blessings of God without whose grace nothing can exist. Very nicely articulated blog. I was delighted to go through it.


    1. guchigen2 says:

      Thank you so much!


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