Essence of Life; Perspective as per Sikh Scriptures!



Even as we hear and see the controversies surrounding Indian God men on the TV , one wonders as to why many people flock to such persons. Why cannot we lead life as per Indian scriptures and fashion our life conduct accordingly. In the Sikh scriptures there are plenty of examples which each one of us can follow and can make our life sublime. There is absolutely no need to follow these so called agents of God, who are mostly fraud. While going through Sikh scriptures (Sukhmani Sahib), I came across beautiful lines which give out a very logical guidance to living. I quote;

” False are the eyes which stare at the beauty of some other person’s wife.

False is the tongue which only devours delicacies .

False are the feet which rush to cause damage to others.

False is the intent which wants to acquire wealth of others.

False is the body (person) which does no welfare of others.

False is the nose which only smells corruption.

Without understanding Him (The divine essence; the Lord), everything else is meaningless.

The meaningful (wise) person is the one which understands Him.”

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) Page269)


Thus let us follow our respective scriptures and not flock to these fraud persons, who in the garb of divinity are causing a big damage to the society and humanity. Let us keep our life simple and meaningful and follow the basic teachings of our respective faith which teaches us to lead our life in a just and fair manner.





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